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Today my lab partner got her boyfriend to give me a ride home from class, thereby cutting my commute time from roughly an hour and fifteen minutes to something like twenty-five minutes.

On a tangental note, what is with all the middle-aged female New Yorkers who refer to their middle-aged male partners as "boyfriends" and their middle-aged female friends as "girlfriends"? I've never heard this anywhere else. I mean, I guess it still makes a certain amount of sense for 20-somethings, but once you're pushing 50 I think it's safe to say that the terms "girl" and "boy" no longer really apply. Someone please explain this phenomenon to me.

Okay, off to gorge myself on the second disc of Dexter, which arrived today. Sympathetic serial killers FTW!
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Goddamn it, why does every awesome event EVER have to happen when I have class? I'm already missing my wretched Cataloging class tonight so I can go see the Decemberists, I probably can't get away with it twice. But still: Neil Gaiman! Salman Rushdie! Steve Martin! Other fantastically cool people! In the same room at the same time, for $15! And I have to miss it so that I can listen to my ditzy, uninformed professor drone on about MARC headings and AACR2 rules. There is no justice in this world, truly.

But still. Decemberists show tonight! 7th row! No awful Cataloging class! HELLS YES.
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Apparently my new favorite genre of music is sassy British girlpop. If anyone has any recommendations other than The Pipettes and Lily Allen, both of whom I'm now listening to incessantly, I'm all ears.

Now I get to spend the day in the Humanities Research Library (i.e. the big famous library with the lions on 42nd St.) working on an assignment for my Reference class, which I reluctantly find myself actually sort of liking. Perhaps I shall reward myself with an absurdly gigantic Crumbs cupcake afterward.

It is, once again, BEAUTIFUL outside. I'm not letting myself come home until I've wandered around aimlessly in the sunshine for a satisfactory amount of time, which means that I should get going.


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