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Today I was handed a big box full of personalized notepads, complete with my name, job title, and contact information, as well as the company logo. I am unreasonably pleased about this. It's like I really exist now, not just on the outskirts as a temp, but as a real person with my own notepads and a functioning nameplate and a cubicle I can decorate however I want. The fact that I got so many notepads--more than I can expect to go through for a long, long time--means, somehow, that I'm expected to stick around long enough to use them up. It's a good feeling.


Apr. 17th, 2007 12:41 pm
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Anyone want to come see Mirah with me on Tuesday, July 10 at Bowery Ballroom? Tickets are $15 and go on sale tomorrow.

Yesterday was boss-lady's first day back after a two and a half week absence. She brought me a pretty silver and mother of pearl bracelet and a purse made of gum wrappers... from her honeymoon. Sometimes I think about my life right now as compared to my life, say, a year ago, and I just cannot even begin to wrap my mind around the difference a great job can make. Boss-lady told me when I came in this morning that everyone has been saying wonderful things about how well I handled her absence and what a good job I'm doing. A year ago, I was getting screamed at and belittled and made to feel like an incompetent jackass on a daily basis. Truly, the mind reels.


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