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Okay, first of all, today I found myself not just reading fanfic, not just enjoying fanfic, but actually tearing up over fanfic and it is all [ profile] thunderemerald's fault. (If you're curious, this is what I was reading [HP7 spoilers like woah]. It is beautiful and sad and so much better than the epilogue we were given.) I'm sort of irritated, actually, to learn that there is actually brilliantly written fic out there, and not just borderline pornographic wish fulfillment written by oversexed adolescents who wouldn't know a semicolon if it hit them upside the head, because now I might actually have to read it, and thus hand in my I'm A Fan, But The Sane Kind card forever.


The rest of my HP7 analysis, as promised.

More spoilers than you can shake an Elder Wand at... )
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So I had the brilliant idea of exploring my reactions to Deathly Hallows through the lens of the predictions I made just before the 21st.

Here there be spoilers... )
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Okay, kiddos, it's a week and a half until the Big Day, and I have not read nearly enough Harry Potter speculation on my f-list. It's a pretty slow day here and I could use some pepping up, so let's hear it: I want your wildest theories, your deepest held suspicions. Who lives, who dies, who's going to show up in a Hogwarts spinoff series ten years down the line? Who's R.A.B., is Snape going to be redeemed, are Harry and Co. going to return to Hogwarts at all or are they just going to go straight to the Horcrux Hunt? Is Harry going to get over his stupid noble Spiderman complex thing with Ginny? Are Ron and Hermione finally going to make red-haired, bucktoothed babies? (Well, probably not that last one.) 1-2-3 go!

(I wussed out on last night's midnight showing of HP5, because I am just too old to get home at 4AM on a weeknight if there's no hot sex involved. I'll be going to see it with [ profile] sternel and possibly [ profile] marchharetay and [ profile] mathforlovers on Friday. I feel a little bad about this, but hey, it's not like anyone is going to spoil me on who dies.)
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Okay, so for reasons surpassing my understanding, Fandango is showing a large number of theaters showing HP5 starting at midnight tomorrow night. Actually, technically, there are also a few theaters with midnight showings tonight, but there's no online ticketing and most of them are in Queens, and thus don't really exist as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, my point is, are any of you nuts enough to go with me to a midnight showing on a weeknight? Because I am absolutely that crazy, but this sort of thing is no fun without company.

So... anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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