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Rereading my entries for the last month or so, I've reached the stunning conclusion that I haven't had a damn thing to say recently. Not that I'm suddenly feeling a whole lot more eloquent or anything, I'm just saying.

Anyway, here are a few things that are making me happy lately:

*Today I applied for what is basically my dream job, and within less than half an hour was contacted and told that I'm being mailed a copyediting test to take and return after the 2nd. Keeping my fingers crossed so hard they're in danger of breaking? Yes I am.

*No more classes until the beginning of February and no more classes EVER with the bitch from hell who didn't know the meaning of irony, PRAISE JESUS!

*I'm going home tomorrow. Actually, I think I'm less excited to go home than I am looking forward to being excited to come back to NYC, if that makes sense. This city is too fucking exhausting to live in if I don't wake up every morning thrilled out of my mind to be here, and frankly En Why Cee and I have been feeling pretty lukewarm toward each other of late. Nothing quite like four days of being stranded in midwestern suburbia to cure me of that, I tell you what.

*My ability to attract unavailable boys is absolutely mind-boggling. As far as superpowers go, this one's pretty lame, but I have to admit I'm enjoying the attention.

*I'm making slow but steady progress on the Ravenclaw scarf I'm knitting. I hope to knit a lot more at the airport/on the plane tomorrow, assuming I don't get arrested for attempting to bring deadly weapons aboard. Hahaha, TSA, I kid because I love!

*I've recently (re)discovered that I'm surprisingly good at writing smut. This discovery has made my work days go by a good deal faster. Um, did I just say that?

*Winter solstice, baby. It only gets brighter from here. Literally!

And now I must go squeeze in some actual work before my week of sloth begins. Mmmm, sloth.


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