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I am currently writing to you, my lovely f-list, FROM MY BED. This is wildly exciting, given my less-than-awesome past with establishing Internet access immediately post-move. Shockingly, however, the guy from Time Warner showed up precisely in the middle of the 4-hour appointment range and set up my Internet access with a minimum of fuss. Did I mention it's cable Internet, for roughly half what Haley and I paid for DSL? Damn straight.

While stuck in the apartment waiting for the Time Warner guy, I unpacked like an unpacking fiend. Aside from two horribly disorganized office-related boxes, my yarn stash, and my books, all of which are pending an Ikea trip in a couple weeks, I am DONE DONE DONE, and it looks fucking awesome, and you should all come over and see it as soon as possible. Just, you know, not all at the same time, because there's no way you'd all fit.
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Last post from Bed-Stuy, wooooo!

I'm movin' on up, kids. Just like the Jeffersons.
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Just so y'all know:

At long last, the movers are coming at 8:30 tomorrow morning. This is awesome and exciting and I will be SO GLAD when this stupid process is over. My Internet access, however, is going to be spotty to nonexistent for a while. I'll be home tomorrow through the weekend, so I won't have access at work. A guy from Time Warner is coming on Friday morning/afternoon, but I have come to expect nothing but duplicity and lameness from my Internet providers, so who knows if I'll actually have Internet access by the time the guy leaves, or if he'll come at all. Anyway, unless I manage to pirate a signal from one of my new neighbors, which isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility, I will at the very least be sans Internet through tomorrow and Thursday, and possibly right up until I get to work on Monday. So pick up the phone if you want to get in touch with me, is what I'm saying.

Meanwhile, anyone and everyone who feels like stopping by my new place over the next several days to keep me company while I unpack and also maybe help me carry stuff home from Target, please do let me know. I have several days to look forward to of no company but my cat and a bunch of boxes. Also, I'm about to live in literally the most accessible-by-subway neighborhood in Brooklyn (seriously, I think I'm within walking distance of every train that comes into Brooklyn except the L and the JMZ), so there's really no excuse not to visit.

T-2 days

Jul. 30th, 2007 11:01 am
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Tra la, tra la. This weekend was spent packing and cleaning, cleaning and packing, and then, just for a change of scene, I got hit out of nowhere with a migraine the likes of which I haven't experienced since high school. I finally gave up for good and hid in bed around 7:00 last night, and it was only through a supreme act of will that I didn't beg Haley on bended knee to please, for the love of god, stop vacuuming before my head explodes.

Before the attack of the killer headache, however, I managed to join Haley in a pretty impressive productivity binge; thanks to [ profile] mary_wroth and [ profile] marchharetay, whose combined efficiency is nothing short of mind-boggling, we accomplished so much that I'm seriously thinking about going in to work tomorrow and saving myself the vacation day.

Not really sure what else to add here--I am wicked excited for this move to be over with, and even more excited to have my very own shoebox to decorate however I want. I'll be spending a whole lot of time from Wednesday onward unpacking and hauling things from Target, and anyone who can spare a few hours to assist in either or both of these activities will receive both my undying gratitude and whatever version of pizza and beer your current diet supports.

Also, does anyone have a drill I could borrow for a week or two? I'll be purchasing a number of things that will need to be assembled, but I'd rather not invest in a drill of my very own if I can avoid it. Please and thanks!


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