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Capitan me cropped
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Hats are like knitting candy. They're about as close to instant gratification as this hobby gets--I whipped up two in less than two weeks, and I'm a slow knitter with papers to write--and easy enough to do on the train or while watching TV (unlike, say, color work, which I actually have to think about) but still interesting enough that I don't fall into a stockinette coma. Good times!

Meanwhile, the one downside to the glorious spring weather is that I find myself endlessly resentful of having to sit in an office and do work. Le sigh. Half-day Fridays can't start soon enough, I tell you what.

(Click on the pic to see the whole set, including one in which my darling teddy bear poses as a hat model.)


Jun. 29th, 2007 06:33 am
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So last night I finished Sheldon, my first big post-gigantic-Ravenclaw-scarf project. I didn't know how to do much of anything other than knitting and purling when I started this project, so the learning curve was pretty steep. I am kind of embarrassingly proud of myself for how well he turned out. Photos are courtesy of my boss, who was so impressed when I showed her that she insisted on taking pics to send to her little sister. Awesome.

Two more under the cut... )

Oh yeah, I just started a Flickr account, because LJ's photo posting tool is just excruciatingly annoying to use. This may or may not mean you'll be seeing more photos here in the future. We shall see.
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Okay, so I've been planning for ages to knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves once I finally finish the Neverending Ravenclaw Scarf, but I think I might want these even more. Granted, I don't actually ever wear pumps, and the Groundhog predicted an early end to the need for leg-warmer-type accessories, but still... how great are they? There's a girl I see in the elevator who has a pair she wears all the time, and I WANT. Plus, how much fun is it to say "Spatterdashes"? Go on, say it to yourself and try to be in a grouchy mood. I dare you.

Other things I want: the shoes in that link.

Other footwear that makes me uncharacteristically excited: These Victorian Hooker Boots, which I just ordered yesterday and around which I plan to basically construct a wardrobe. Hello, tax refund. And hello, three-inch heels. It's about time you and I became acquainted. Please don't kill me, kthxbye.
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Real men knit. No, really.

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...I think my favorite part is that someone associated with this clip actually has the last name "Bourgeois."
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Tonight I cleaned the kitchen, made chili, and learned the purl, seed, and rib stitches.

Then I planted myself a Victory Garden, because apparently I am a 1940s housewife.

I effing rule.


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