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Verbal skills and logic, huh? Looks like copyediting really is the career for me...

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Stolen from [ profile] integreillumine...

Things you are afraid of:
Dying alone (and living alone, for that matter), overly large insects, poverty, stagnation.

Things that make you laugh:
Straight-faced hyperbole (cf. Steven Colbert), McSweeney's, wordplay, jokes so terrible or drawn out that they pass through the land of not-funny and somehow become funny again, awkward sex, my former roommate Aubrey.

Things that make you cry:
Loneliness, frustration, exquisitely wrought language, certain songs and overly sentimental television commercials if I'm on the rag.

Things you love:
The English language, my cat, my mother, spring sunshine, summer rains, books that make me miss my subway stop, walking aimlessly around Manhattan, New York City, my bed.

Things you hate:
Needlessly loud people on the subway who invade my headspace when all I want to do is zone out, Times Square (except for approximately twice a year, when I secretly find it kind of magical), my inability to live up to the person I want to be, boys who don't call, entropy, coconut.

Things you don't understand:
Calculus, theoretical physics, organized religion, the stock market.

Things you're good at:
Starting over, tying a maraschino cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, recognizing good writing and fixing bad writing (to a point), writing cover letters, sex.

Things you suck at:
Cleaning, carrying heavy objects, romantic relationships, math, eating like an adult.

Things on your desk:
My desk at home: text books from last semester, nag champa incense, pictures in falling-apart frames I've had since my freshman year of college, various office supplies, teddy bear.

My desk at work: computer, phone, whiteboard, manuscripts I'm working on, pens, colored pencils, grease pencils, post-its in a wide variety of sizes and colors, tape, stapler, pencil sharpener, plastic dinosaur figurines, big wooden thingy for propping up manuscript pages, desk lamp, etc.

Right now you are:
Listening to my fan, strangely headachey and tired, propped up against a bunch of pillows in bed, looking forward to knit night tomorrow, trying to see out of filthy glasses.

Facts about you:
I have weird double-jointed elbows, I'm unusually tall, I learned to read before I turned four (I remember being able to read street signs on my way home from the eye doctor when I got my first pair of glasses on my fourth birthday), I have big feet, I bite my nails.

Things to do before you die:
Pay off all debts, travel, live on the West coast, own a Vespa, fall in love with someone who loves me back, never stop learning.
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