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...this is one of my favorite music videos ever:

This is right up there with "Year of the Rat" by Badly Drawn Boy and that treadmill choreography video by OK Go! when it comes to videos that make me smile when I'm in a bad mood. Thanks to [ profile] cheesegimp for reminding me of its existence.


In other news, today I impulse-bought the hottest cool-weather coat ever. I can count on one hand the number of times I've ever purchased something on impulse for more than about $20, but I've still got a little money left over from my Christmas bonus and it was half off, so I don't feel so bad. I guess even amicable breakups require a little retail therapy.
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Apparently my new favorite genre of music is sassy British girlpop. If anyone has any recommendations other than The Pipettes and Lily Allen, both of whom I'm now listening to incessantly, I'm all ears.

Now I get to spend the day in the Humanities Research Library (i.e. the big famous library with the lions on 42nd St.) working on an assignment for my Reference class, which I reluctantly find myself actually sort of liking. Perhaps I shall reward myself with an absurdly gigantic Crumbs cupcake afterward.

It is, once again, BEAUTIFUL outside. I'm not letting myself come home until I've wandered around aimlessly in the sunshine for a satisfactory amount of time, which means that I should get going.
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Willamette Week interviews John Darnielle in Haiku

Q. Preparing yourself
for an ominous ending
What is the magpie?

A. Only a traitor
undresses his metaphors
As if they were whores

Oh, John. My bespectacled nerdy ex-psychiactric nurse hero.


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