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So I all, like, live in New York and shit now. Sweet.

I have to keep this brief: I'm sitting at the shady internet cafe in Times Square because the internet in my new apartment isn't working for some reason (and, contrary to Meg's assurances, I've yet to find a convenient pre-existing wireless network to pirate. Drat!) and I have thus far failed pretty spectacularly in my mission to find an air conditioned, free wireless hotspot. I've since found some pretty good candidates that I'll check out tomorrow (there's a branch of the NY Public Library on 125th Street that looks promising, but they close at 6:00 and I didn't get there until 6:30), but this will just have to do in the mean time.

So, let's see: the apartment is shockingly nice, in a way quieter neighborhood than I expected, and not nearly the oven it probably should be for being on the fifth floor and un-air conditioned. That being said, I think I'm going to become real good friends with the NY public library, since I'm gonna go broke pretty quickly if I have to hide in a cafe and buy a drink every time I need to escape the heat for a while.

My mission for tomorrow: find someplace where I can get the intarweb for free, buy a surge protector and a window fan (I bought a cheap-o desk fan today that's just not going to cut it, frankly), and track down someone fun to hang out with. ([ profile] corenrind, darling, I called a couple times today, but I haven't heard back yet. Call me, k?) [ profile] mary_wroth, I'm lookin' at you. Oh yeah, and there's a Brooklyn job fair tomorrow for NYCTF which I signed up for just for the hell of it. It's going to mean getting myself to Brooklyn during the hottest part of the day in frickin' business casual clothes, but I suppose I'll manage.

Did I mention I'm going to the frelling roller derby on Friday? Damn straight I am. New York is the best place EVER.

P.S. This kitten will hopefully be coming home with me soon, pending roommate approval. If for some reason someone is violently allergic or the building doesn't allow pets, she'll have to wait at her current home until Haley and I move in together in the fall. I'm keeping my figners crossed I can make this hapen soon, though-- I can't possibly think of anything that would make me happier right now than a love-monster of a kitten purring in my lap.


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